Our story

Equinox Aromas was established in 1991 under the name of Equinox Marketing by founder and owner Christopher Buckmaster. The business was established in the midst of a recession and financial institutions were reluctant to fund start-up businesses. To enable the business to succeed overheads were kept to a minimum and the premises amounted to a small office above a retail shop. For the business to move forward it would have to do so with no backing…

Now operating as Equinox Aromas to better reflect our activities, and with the business having flourished into the 21st century, we continue to operate with relatively low overheads, and an emphasis on ethically sourced products. An advanced quality control system and warehousing service have long been established, this has ensured rapid deliveries and happy customers.

Our customer base now includes many leading high street brands, and formulators of ethical products. By finding smaller, less well-known distillers and manufacturers around the world, we have been able to hold material in stock, and supply at highly competitive prices, which has been crucial to our business succeeding. This combination of readily available stock, and low costs has proven to be irresistible to our growing list of clients.

To date, the business remains owner managed.